The PDP Council Chairman of Etche Local Government Area, Hon. Obinna Anyanwu, has ordered the sealing of the Tipper Park at Okomoko, hours after the LGA Chapter of the All Progressives Congress played host to the kick-off of the State-wide gubernatorial campaigns of Arc. Tonye Patrick Cole, Mni and his deputy, Dr. Innocent Barikor.

The announcement of the closure of the Park was aired on the 6pm news bulletin of Rhythm 93.7 FM in Port Harcourt this evening.

Clearly intimidated and confounded by the overwhelming turnout of Etche APC faithful at the campaign grounds, the anti-democratic elements who blocked traditional campaign venues across the State via the draconian Executive Orders 21 and 22 issued by Governor Nyesom Wike, could have forced the hands of the Council Chairman, a younger brother to the APC State House of Assembly candidate for Etche Constituency 2, Hon Charles Anyanwu, to seal the Park.

Ironically, the same PDP mocked at the decision of the APC to host the governorship campaign Rally at the Tipper Park today.

Speaking at the Rally, Charles Anyanwu assured the party and Etche people of victory for the All Progressives Congress at the February 25 and March 2023 general elections. “I have never lost elections in my life. We have always worked to deliver them and we will win them. Tonye Cole, our governorship candidate should go home and sleep”, he roared to the tumultuous cheer of the intimidating crowd of party faithful.

The APC 2023 gubernatorial campaign train berths in Ikwerre LGA tomorrow.

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